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Practice of Group Learning Using Active-Learning Methods in Online Lessons

Ryo Sugawara1 and Shun Okuhara2,*
1. Center for the Advancement of Meisei Education, Meisei University, Tokyo, Japan
2. Gaduate School of Engineering Mie University, Mie, Japan
*Correspondence: okuhara@eng.mie-u.ac.jp (S.O.)

Abstract—In FY 2020, X University started to provide a compulsory subject for first-year students. The university initially designed the subject to be supplied face-to-face using active learning that is applied after dividing the students into small groups. However, the course was reorganized into a non-face-to-face format following the Japanese government’s declaration of a state of emergency in response to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this study, we compare face-to-face classes provided in FY 2019 with non-face-to-face lessons given in FYs 2020 and 2021 using course evaluation questionnaires filled out by students. The results indicate that face-to-face classes are better at promoting three educational goals: small-class education, interaction with people with different views, and group learning activities. The non-face-to-face lessons are preferable for: learning what one should do as a student (student life), understanding the history and characteristics of the university (sense of belonging), learning how to express one’s opinion logically, learning how to listen to others respectfully and with interest (attentive listening), learning to avoid being absent or late to class without permission (discipline), gaining an in-depth understanding of the subject matter. Our results suggest the potential for developing non-face-to-face classes comparable to face-to-face ones if we can adequately apply online meeting tools combined with other teaching tools.
Keywords—non-face-to-face lessons, face-to-face lessons, Learning Management Systems (LMSs), online meeting services, electronic whiteboards 

Cite: Ryo Sugawara and Shun Okuhara, "Practice of Group Learning Using Active-Learning Methods in Online Lessons," International Journal of Learning and Teaching, Vol. 9, No. 2, pp. 112-116, June 2023. doi: 10.18178/ijlt.9.2.112-116

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