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An Innovative Cognitive Style of PowerPoint based Lectures Used as a Learning Tool for Medical Science Students

Anshoo Agarwal and Anil Mohan Rao. Saini
Faculty of Medicine, Northern Border University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Abstract—It's clear that students benefit from activities that focus their study time and help them draw connections between textual information and lecture content. Many faculty are reluctant to distribute handouts prior to class. Creative use of PowerPoint is well suited for student guidance of this sort and involve them in active learning. Student perceptions about using PowerPoint as effective handouts in learning Pathology was studied. The power point presentations with incomplete details were given to students prior to the day's lecture. Students were asked to work through the PowerPoint handouts as they read the textbook in preparation for the lecture, answering all questions and bringing their completed handouts to class. Questions based on the PowerPoint presentations were asked from the students in between the lectures. 32% of the students were not satisfied with this type teaching as they felt that mostly they had no time to read the topic from the books. Majority of them were motivated to read the book but because of time constrain they could not complete their reading.65% felt that it had been useful than other teaching methodology like problem based learning as they had some clue as what to study regarding the topic. 79% of the students mentioned that it helped them to integrate information and establish their understanding of various pieces of data. 81% felt that the Lecture PowerPoint’s hand outs offered opportunities for learning by themselves by looking for missing information from the books. To 69% the exercise provided an atmosphere of challenge, and performing. When used appropriately, PowerPoint presentations can improve student learning by structuring study time, encouraging critical thinking, and providing opportunities for active learning during the course of the session. By PowerPoint presentations interventions the faculty can help students engage the material actively and efficiently before and during class.
Index Terms—cognitive style, learning tool, PowerPoint presentation

Cite: Anshoo Agarwal and Anil Mohan Rao. Saini, "An Innovative Cognitive Style of PowerPoint based Lectures Used as a Learning Tool for Medical Science Students," International Journal of Learning and Teaching, Vol. 4, No. 1, pp. 37-40, March 2018. doi: 10.18178/ijlt.4.1.37-40