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IJLT 2024 Vol.10(3): 371-377
doi: 10.18178/ijlt.10.3.371-377

The Impact of the TOCFL Reading Mobile Application on the Reading Ability of Chinese Language Learners

Vincentius V. Jiuangga 1,*, Mei R. Chandra 1, Yi Ying 1, and Agatha A. Jiuangga 2
1. Chinese Department Faculty of Humanities, Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta, Indonesia
2. Chinese Department Faculty of Language, Universitas Ma Chung, Jakarta, Indonesia
Email: vincentius.jiuangga@binus.edu (V.V.J.); mei.rianto@binus.ac.id (M.R.C.); Yi_Ying@binus.edu (Y.Y.); agathaangelinalina@gmail.com (A.A.J.)
*Corresponding author

Manuscript received August 24, 2023; revised November 8, 2023; accepted January 16, 2024; published May 28, 2024.

Abstract—This study aims to see the effect of the TOCFL Reading mobile application on improving Chinese learners’ reading skills. The research was conducted on 20 students in semester two majoring in Information Systems at Private University in Malang. The method in this study was action research in which respondents were asked to work on 25 questions on the TOCFL reading test three times. In carrying out the reading test, respondents were given 50 minutes to complete 25 numbers. Twenty-five reading test numbers are given in the multiple-choice form. In the second reading test, there was an increase of 14.2 points from the average score of the first reading test, and in the third reading test, there was an increase of 10 points from the average value of the second reading test. The results of learning to read using the TOEFL Reading Application can be seen as an increase in students’ reading skills. The limitation of this study is the limited number of respondents, so it is suggested for further research that the number of respondents is larger. 
Keywords—mobile application, TOCFL, Mandarin learners, reading ability 

Cite: Vincentius V. Jiuangga, Mei R. Chandra, Yi Ying, and Agatha A. Jiuangga, "The Impact of the TOCFL Reading Mobile Application on the Reading Ability of Chinese Language Learners," International Journal of Learning and Teaching, Vol. 10, No. 3, pp. 371-377, 2024.

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