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In-house Pre-medicine Trained Students: How Faculty Members Perceive Them?

Basir Abidin, Noor A Suliman, and Tan C Hing
Center for Foundation Studies, Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences, Malaysia

Abstract—A pre-med study is a 1-year program consists of Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Mathematics as core subjects. This study aimed to evaluate the perception of teaching members in medicine and pharmacy faculties toward their students who come from an in-house pre-med program with regards to cognitive, affective domain, and soft skills. A set of questionnaires consisted of statements encompassing the 3 attributes was distributed to and collected from faculty members. Data of 30 from 53 possible teaching members were analyzed using t-test and Chi-square test to evaluate differences for each statement across the two faculties. Generally, there was no such difference found (for p<0.05) for each attribute inter-faculty wise. Further analysis was carried out by combining all respondents from the two faculties. Responses based on the 3 attributes were analyzed. Teaching members perceived students positively on the cognitive and soft skills, and very positively on the affective domain. 
Index Terms—Medical students, cognitive skill, soft skill, affective domain, teachers’ perception

Cite: Basir Abidin, Noor A Suliman, and Tan C Hing, "In-house Pre-medicine Trained Students: How Faculty Members Perceive Them?," International Journal of Learning and Teaching, Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 164-169, June 2019. doi: 10.18178/ijlt.5.2.164-169