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A Study of Chinese “Dual Class” Teaching Focusing on Students’ Ability of Self-Regulated Learning

Xi Liu 1, Pingping Wang 2, Fangxin Tang 1, Cuixia Wang 1, and Yushun Li 1
1. Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
2. Beijing No.5 High School, Beijing, China

Abstract—The dual class teaching pioneered by a middle school in Beijing has become a typical case of the development of informatization application in regional education. The dual class teaching in the middle school combines the traditional teaching methods (tradition classroom) with the online forums (online classroom). Exploratory experiments were carried out based on how to evaluate the teaching effect (of dual class teaching) and how to monitor the learning state of students (in dual class learning), and some results have been achieved. This study uses the platform of Tsinghua Tongfang zhihaole as online learning platform, focusing on the students' ability of self-regulated learning (to the answer of questions above). The study present the results of student learning by digging the interactive process data of the platform in the 2016 fall semester and the 2017 spring semester. As a result we can see the students' disciplinary ability, logical thinking ability and innovative ability have been improved and developed from the number, key words and typical opinions. With the help of the technology, dual class teaching mode makes the class gradually transit to student-centered and realize the personalized development of students. The integration of information technology and subject curriculum makes the teaching and learning in the classroom full of vitality, diversifies the way of presenting knowledge, and realizes the ecology of teaching and learning. The next research will select some students to conduct structured interview or questionnaire survey, and build a data model that can objectively present students' participation in interactive contribution. 
Index Terms—dual class thematic teaching, study analysis, self-regulated learning ability

Cite: Xi Liu, Pingping Wang, Fangxin Tang, Cuixia Wang, and Yushun Li, "A Study of Chinese “Dual Class” Teaching Focusing on Students’ Ability of Self-Regulated Learning," International Journal of Learning and Teaching, Vol. 4, No. 4, pp. 285-291, December 2018. doi: 10.18178/ijlt.4.4.285-291