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The Status of Teaching and Learning Centers in Higher Education: An Asian Perspective

Jeong Kwun Nam 1 and Shaneil R. Dipasupil 2
1. Department of Liberal Arts, Korea Maritime Ocean University, South Korea
2. Department of Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies, Hanseo University, South Korea

Abstract—This report is an account of a comparative review of teaching and learning centers located in South Korea, Singapore and the Philippines. The areas for comparison include the purpose, organizational structure, major services and programs, and source of funds. It also identified the implications of the study to institutional policies and educational services. Having used a multiple case analysis study design, it was found out that the specific services offered depend on the objectives, organizational structure, and the availability of funds of the academic institution where the center belongs. The most common services and programs provided by the teaching and learning centers are tutoring, and workshops. On the other hand, the services unique to each center include grade warning support, research utilization, and faculty awards. The center can either be a coordinating unit in the university, or one that is integrated in the existing departments. Furthermore, the funds of all subject centers come from a combination of sources ranging from student tuition fees to government subsidies and private sector grants. It is highly suggested that universities consider the importance of having a teaching and learning center to provide more support programs and services to their faculty and students. Not only the members of faculty would be given the opportunity to enhance their expertise, but also the students would have the right venue to address their academic challenges that would otherwise be more difficult without a center.
Index Terms—teaching and learning center, teaching, learning, academic support services, professional development

Cite: Jeong Kwun Nam and Shaneil R. Dipasupil, "The Status of Teaching and Learning Centers in Higher Education: An Asian Perspective," International Journal of Learning and Teaching, Vol. 5, No. 3, pp. 262-265, September 2019. doi: 10.18178/ijlt.5.3.262-265