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Study on the Development Characteristics and Current Situation of Community Learning Environment in China

Yan Zhang 1, Shuxia Zhao 2, Fangxin Tang 2, and Ronghuai Huang 1
1. Smart Learning Institute, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
2. Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
Abstract—With the popularity of the concept of lifelong learning and the vigorous establishment of smart city by the Chinese government, the development of a community learning environment has taken a new chapter in China. In this paper, we use a questionnaire survey to know the status of community learning environment where residents live in cities. We conducted telephone interviews with residents aged 18 to 70 in 69 cities and collected 13,800 valid samples. The results show that the construction of community learning environment in China still needs to be strengthened - the utilization rate of community learning places is low, and the participation of community residents is not high. In addition, this study also explored the relationship between urban per capita GDP level and the development of community learning environment, as well as gender and age characteristics of residents participating in community activities. We found that the level of per capita GDP is significantly positive relevance to the 2 of 3 indicators of community learning environment. Besides, the results showed that elders are more willing to participate community learning compares to younger people, however, no significant difference in gender.
Index Terms—lifelong learning, smart city, community learning environment, questionnaire

Cite: Yan Zhang, Shuxia Zhao, Fangxin Tang, and Ronghuai Huang, "Study on the Development Characteristics and Current Situation of Community Learning Environment in China," International Journal of Learning and Teaching, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 71-76, March 2019. doi: 10.18178/ijlt.5.1.71-76
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