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Educational Technology in English Language Teaching in China: A Review of Policy, Practice and Problem

Yilin Cao* and Shangrong Li
College of International Languages and Cultures, Hohai University, Nanjing, China
*Correspondence: sandrazerocao@163.com (Y.C.)

Abstract—The past four decades have seen English Language Teaching (ELT) in China some major and historical transformations in terms of instructional approaches and practice under the influence of Educational Technology (ET). In order to popularize ELT and improve its quality, ET has been increasingly widely employed in English classrooms. This paper presents an overview of the application and evolution of ET in ELT at the secondary level in China, which was based on an analysis of the key national policies and a review of thirteen editions of English syllabi since the late 1970s. The historical evolution of ET in China’s secondary ELT can be divided into three stages, with unique characteristics at each stage in revolutionizing and modernizing the way of teaching and learning. This paper also sketches the influence of ET on China’s ELT, including the major benefits that the technology has brought to ELT and some challenges both teachers and students are confronted with.  
Keywords—educational technology, English language Teaching (ELT) in China, policies, practice, problem 

Cite: Yilin Cao and Shangrong Li , "Educational Technology in English Language Teaching in China: A Review of Policy, Practice and Problem," International Journal of Learning and Teaching, Vol. 9, No. 1, pp. 10-16, March 2023. doi: 10.18178/ijlt.9.1.10-16

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