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My Comic-Utilizing “Comics Composition System” to Improve Students’ Self-Efficacy and Satisfaction of Arts Learning

Li-Chiou Chen
Department of Communication Information, Yuan Ze Universuty, Taipei, Taiwan
Abstract—The research aims to understand the differences of self-efficacy between comic drawn on the computer and the paper. Many studies have indicated that applying simple and easy way to draw, it can increase satisfaction from what the children was drawing. To enhance the degree of completion on drawing would be able to improve a passion on art learning. The research therefore selected fifth grade students of Xinghua Elementary School in Taipei, to be participants. 62 effective samples are collected, conducting factor analysis, variance analysis, correlation analysis and regression analysis. The research introduced an easy-to-use comics composition system (CCS) and an easy and fun paper-based drawing course for identifying differences between the CCS and conventional paper-based drawings, to understand factors of self-efficacy related to art learning. The research found that compared with paper-based drawing, the CCS on the factors of mastery experience, vicarious experience and willingness to learn have good explanation. Applying CCS thus has better experience of personal success on art learning, as well as through the help of peers can enhance a willingness to learn, creating a better self-efficacy on drawing lesson.  

Index Terms—self-efficacy, scaffolding, comics composition system

Cite: Li-Chiou Chen, "My Comic-Utilizing “Comics Composition System” to Improve Students’ Self-Efficacy and Satisfaction of Arts Learning," International Journal of Learning and Teaching, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 33-37, June, 2015. doi: 10.18178/ijlt.1.1.33-37
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