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The Use of Chain Word Game as Vocabulary Building Activity in Vocational High School

Salma Maulani
Islamic University of Indonesia, Indonesia

Abstract—This paper aims to describe the implementation of chain word game in vocational high school in automotive program in order to improve students’ vocabulary knowledge. This research is self-observational study that involves a class that consist of 36 students. The data were obtained from the assignment given to students regarding to basic competence designed by Indonesia’s government which was giving congratulation and compliment and its responses. In this study, fun learning plays important role to maintain students’ engagement and giving reward system to appreciate students’ activeness is applied to keep the students’ motivated. The findings from data showed that misspelled words were found less in the students’ assignment that have been collected.
Index Terms—Chain word game, vocabulary building activity, vocational high school

Cite: Salma Maulani, "The Use of Chain Word Game as Vocabulary Building Activity in Vocational High School," International Journal of Learning and Teaching, Vol. 7, No. 4, pp. 244-247, December 2021. doi: 10.18178/ijlt.7.4.244-247

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