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A Perception of Teachers of the Potentialities and Fragilities in the Teaching Process Learning through Self-Assessment

Vinicius I. Oliveira 1, Ana C. B. de S. Guedes 2, Márcia P.de S. Noronha 2, Luiza V. Ramos 2, Cláudia P. Orquiza 2, and Virgílio R. Guedes e Gentil V. Barbosa 2
1. Federal Institute of Tocantins/Informatics, Palmas, Brazil
2. Federal University of Tocantins, MSc in Science and Health Teaching, Palmas, Brazil
Abstract—This research aims to analyze from the perception of teachers of a higher education institution of Tocantins the quality of education offered by this institution, through the analysis of the results of the institutional self-assessment applied by means of a questionnaire composed of common perceptions of the surveyed subject. Among the findings of the research, it is noted that teachers consider the methodology of lessons and the integration of disciplines as positive points, as well as the reformulations of the pedagogical political project of the course, but there is a need for improvements in the practical teaching activities and the use of new technologies. It is noted that this study brought, through the teaching segment, a perspective of the actual situation of higher courses in respect of teaching and it was verified that the Institute is well evaluated, with a good concept, as statistical data 
Index Terms—higher education, self-assessment, federal institute, higher education quality

Cite: Vinicius I. Oliveira, Ana C. B. de S. Guedes, Márcia P.de S. Noronha, Luiza V. Ramos, Cláudia P. Orquiza, Virgílio R. Guedes, and Gentil V. Barbosa, "A Perception of Teachers of the Potentialities and Fragilities in the Teaching Process Learning through Self-Assessment," International Journal of Learning and Teaching, Vol. 4, No. 3, pp. 224-230, September 2018. doi: 10.18178/ijlt.4.3.224-230
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