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Cube’s Volume: A Game- Based Learning involving Volume Visualization for 4th Grade Students

Xander L. Faustino 1, Jheanel E. Estrada 1, Angelo P. Layton 2, Carlo A. Nudo 2, Wiljan C. Torrefiel 2, Louisse B. Etorma2, and Ronald R. Erosa 2
1. Faculty of the College of Information Technology, Technological Institute of the Philippines
2. Technological Institute of the Philippines

Abstract—Under the new K-12 program of the Department of Education (Philippines), the subject of Geometry is now being taught in primary schools. Because the topic volume is under Geometry, it will be also taught to elementary students, particularly in Grade 4. This study aims to propose an Android game-based learning that tackles Volume Visualization and it intends to make the game interactive to students, educating, and fun. It also aims to integrate aspects of Filipino society into the game. This research can also complement existing methods that are being used in teaching. The mobile game was developed using Unity, a cross-platform game engine that uses C# as the programming language. The results shows strongly for the application’s functionality. Furthermore, all practical and academic implications are discussed below.
Index Terms—cube, mathematics, mobile game, volume visualization

Cite: Xander L. Faustino, Jheanel E. Estrada, Angelo P. Layton, Carlo A. Nudo, Wiljan C. Torrefiel, Louisse B. Etorma, and Ronald R. Erosa, "Cube’s Volume: A Game- Based Learning involving Volume Visualization for 4th Grade Students," International Journal of Learning and Teaching, Vol. 4, No. 2, pp. 119-123, June 2018. doi: 10.18178/ijlt.4.2.119-123